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How to negate! Past tense ^0^ 


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Watashi wa gakkou ni ikimasu-

I am going to school

Watashi wa gakkou ni ikimasen-

I’m not going to school

Positive -masu   Negative –masen


Gohan o taberu – I eat rice

Gohan o tabe nai 

I don’t eat rice


>_< The informal non-masu is very confusing…

Just use the -masu form!



 Kore wa aka desu – This is red

Kore wa aka ja nai desu

This isn’t red

 Kore wa aka ja arimasen

This isn’t red


I/Ture adjectives

Sakana wa oishii desu –

fish is delicious

Sakana wa oishi ku nai desu

Fish is not delicious

Sakana wa oishi ku arimasenFish is not delicious

The final “i” is taken off, + ku nai/arimasen

Na/quasi adjectives

Sakura wa yuumei desu –

Sakura is famous

Sakura wa yuumei ja nai desuSakura Isn’t famous

Sakura wa yuumei ja arimasenSakura Isn’t famous


 Past tense




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Past tense