Japanese made easy!



 These are suffixes: used after a persons name. 


 Is a word of the highest repsect even above sama, it roughly mean "lord" or "master".



This is a word of  respect.  You use this with very important people.  Also a maid may use this term to the people she works for.


Is a combinations of chan and sama, it is used for respecting important young people/children 


This word is traditionally know as the word "teacher", and it is, however you also use this word for doctors, or anyone else who is skilled in their profession.


 This word is the most common suffix. You use it with anyone older than you, strangers, and anyone you want to show respect to.




A suffix that is equal in value as “San”,
used mostly in Kyoto. 


This word is used for upperclassman. Anyone who is a grade or more higher than you, you can use "Senpai". Also it can be used for someone more skilled than you are at work, a person that as been there longer. 



This word can be used toward girls and boys. First, this suffix may be used to boys younger than yourself, or a male your own age. 


 Second, Teachers and such may use this suffix after their students name regardless of gender.


          Chan  -^_^-

This suffix is generally said by children or to children, but highschool girls also call their "girl" friends with this suffix too. It could also be used toward boys but it's generally used with a cute nick name.  Also it can be used with a pet's name.




I'm going to tell you some helpful things here.
I'm sure everyone knows "san" right?
As for me my name is Sakura so people call me Sakura san.
You must never say san after your own name when you are introducing yourself. 
If you say: Watashi wa Sakura san desu.
You will be thought of as an arrogant prideful person.
Or just a baka gaijin
You may call other people " ____san" but not yourself.
"san" is a word of respect,
you use it to respect the person your addressing.
To be safe, don't use any suffix after your own name. 
I'm going to college  to become an English teacher in Japan.  I can't call myself a "sensei", however others may call me that, but I can't call myself that.  At least to be technical and safe.. Thats what I heard from another English teacher in Japan. 
I would say I'm a
kyoushi = school teacher