Japanese made easy!

All about me! =^_^=

Hi, my "name" is
Sakura Shinji Tsukishiro.  
Just call me Sakura. ^__^
Real name unsaid 

Besides Japanese, I also Enjoy cooking!  Mostly Japanese things though.  I love taking many pictures of nature as well.  I enjoy drawing (anime) also.  Right now my favorite "sport" is badminton in which I play in my back yard with my brother, when I'm not at ORU.   

Me and Japanese


I love anime, thats the truth.  However there is more to me than that.  I love Japan, I love Japanese, I love the people.  Its been long since my heart was taken by the Japanese.  Often I long to be in Japan and do things that many Japanese people feel as a burden or take for granted.  I can't give a good reason why I started to like Japanese.. Of course the original reason was because of anime but...  Many people look down on that reason, and think lightly of me when I tell them that I learned Japanese from anime... Maybe other people can't learn it right from anime, but I can. It's more of a reference. Anime is great, especially w/o subs.  Also I took two Japanese classes to reinforce what I learned.. And thanks to my many years (5) of studying Japanese by anime, I'm able to understand over 95% of the material very easily, when others struggle I'm getting the 100%s.  Of course the classes are necessary to pull it all together, but I don't believe people learn languages in a classroom.  Often confusing rules and the memories of tests help the material to fade from memory fast.  But not me.  I speak Japanese everyday. I watch anime everyday, I hear Japanese everyday!  Now thats how you learn a language!